10 Reasons to Attend Global Pet Expo

The Greatest Show On Earth is just four short months away. If you are still on the fence about attending, here are 10 reasons why you should:

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  1. See more than 3,000 new products and find the ones you need to grow your business
  2. Work with suppliers to maximize value and increase sales
  3. Cash in on show specials and discounts only available at Global Pet Expo
  4. Find new suppliers and products to expand your merchandise mix
  5. Learn how to optimize product display and selections
  6. Discover new strategies to build brand and customer loyalty
  7. Improve product knowledge to enhance your relationship with customers
  8. Explore new ways to connect with your community and boost store traffic
  9. Discover how retailers reach consumers across multiple shopping channels
  10. Understand emerging trends that will help you thrive in 2016 and beyond

We should also remind you that the pet industry’s largest annual trade show is the size of 13 football fields. So, jump that fence. All trails lead to Global Pet Expo in 2016 and you don’t want to miss it!

For more information about Global Pet Expo visit www.globalpetexpo.org.

APPA: Supporting the Industry. Leading the Way.

As the pet industry’s leading association, APPA has worked to grow and support the industry in many ways beyond the direct services APPA provides its members and retailers through Global Pet Expo.

Over the past six years we have supported the pet industry with an unprecedented $10,000,000. These contributions have driven and sustained significant programs designed to strengthen our industry, increase pet ownership, and build awareness of the joys and health benefits of pet ownership.

We provide financial assistance to organizations like the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council and the Pet Care Trust and have consistently taken a leadership role in pioneering new initiatives. Over the last decade, APPA founded the national Pets Add Life campaign, helped form the Human Animal Bond Research Initiative Foundation, and most recently, partnered with industry leaders to establish the Pet Leadership Council, all with the goal of growing and safeguarding our industry.

Our resolve to support and strengthen the pet industry to the best of our ability has never been stronger. We remain committed to leading the way as we work cooperatively with other organizations to plan for the future and ensure the continued health and vitality of the pet products industry. Together we are strong.

Here are some of the organizations APPA supports:


Human Animal Bond Research Initiative

In 2010 APPA took the lead in uniting the industry to form a new organization dedicated to gathering, funding and sharing the scientific research that demonstrates the positive health impacts of animals on people. Since its inception, HABRI has served as a rallying point for a growing assembly of companies ranging from manufacturers, distributors and retailers to veterinarians and animal health organizations, all with the common goal of scientifically validating that pets are good for human health. 

In just a few short years, HABRI has quickly become the one-stop resource for scientific research and information on the human-animal bond and has developed the most comprehensive online repository with more than 20,000 entries and growing. The foundation has also awarded a half million in grants for new research showing the health benefits of pets.

Pets Add Life

APPA’s Pets Add Life program was started in 2005 as a public service announcement effort and has since grown into a highly impactful social media campaign garnering hundreds of thousands of followers, millions of impressions, and has become one of the leading voices for promoting pet adoption and responsible pet ownership. Through YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, active and engaged PAL fans and followers are able to help spread our message to millions of their peers.

In an effort to encourage and increase pet ownership, PAL promotes the joys and benefits of pets through a video campaign that includes the wildly successful talking animal videos, which have now reached over 75 million views. Future videos will focus on pet owners’ stories and the amazing impact their pets have made on their lives.

Most recently, PAL has focused its energy on reaching the newest generation of pet owners, Millennials, by expanding into growing platforms popular among this generation like Vine, Instagram and BuzzFeed.


Pet Care Trust

APPA has long been a sponsor of the Pet Care Trust whose mission is to promote public understanding of the joys and benefits of pets through education, support, and interaction, primarily through the Pets in the Classroom grant program.

To date, Pets in the Classroom has issued over 56,600 grants to teachers, and nearly 2 million children have experienced the joys and benefits of pet care since the program’s inception.

With a goal of introducing 5 million children in 100,000 classrooms to pets and the benefits they provide, the Pet Care Trust is hoping to help teachers impact future generations of pet owners through its grant program.

Pet Leadership Council

The Pet Leadership Council was formed in 2013 with the mission to: promote and celebrate responsible pet ownership; protect the rights of pet owners; ensure a sustainable supply of pets; foster industry commitment to animal care and breeding standards; and support well founded and meaningful regulatory and legislative initiatives regarding household pets.

As a unifying, proactive voice for the industry, the PLC members represent manufacturers, distributors, retailers, veterinarians and breeders — all of whom passionately and enthusiastically serve the cause of pet ownership and seek to improve the quality of life for pets and owners alike.

By engaging the appropriate resources, the PLC responds to current issues like increasing the incidence of pet ownership and addressing nationwide pet sale bans, while also identifying and addressing future industry needs.

Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council

APPA has long been a supporter of the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council to help the organization in its important function of monitoring live animal issues. Understanding the critical nature of legislation affecting pets, APPA also lends support through its Washington D.C. based law firm Dentons US LLP in addition to its government affairs department which monitors product legislation.

WE ARE COMMITTED to continuing to support the organizations and individuals working to protect and grow the industry.

Summer Safety Tips for Pet Owners

Summer is here and that means more activities are happening outdoors – picnics, backyard barbeques, hikes, pool and beach days, cool evening strolls…. endless opportunities to spend quality time with your eager furry companion.   We love when you bring pets along for the fun, but some important safety measures should be taken to keep them safe and cool while the weather heats up. Below are five tips to remember this summer:

  1. Avoid Hot Ground

Dark asphalt traps the sun’s heat and can easily burn your pets’ paws. Avoid the pain by keeping your pets on lighter pavement or grass.

  1. Stay Hydrated

If you bring your pet along for the fun, make sure you have water on hand to avoid dehydration if you cannot be sure it will be available. If they stay home while you are out, plan ahead to ensure they have as much water as they will need while you’re gone.

  1. Watch Out for Poisonous Plants

Being outdoors more often provides more opportunity to come in contact with many of the common plants that are poisonous to cats and dogs. Look over the list of toxic plants and keep the animal poison control phone number handy just in case.

  1. No Hot Cars

You wouldn’t sit in a hot car on a hot day so your pet shouldn’t either. If you can’t take them inside with you, don’t bring them at all. Leaving them in a hot car can be dangerous and even deadly.

  1. Time Your Walks

Daily walks are great for exercise. Time your walks around the sun to avoid overheating by going in the morning or the evening.

To make outdoor playtime that much more fun for all, check out the latest products made by our APPA members.

Pet Industry Spending is at an All-Time High

At the Global Pet Expo 2015 tradeshow in Orlando in March, we announced our 2015 industry spending figures. The Associated Press put out a great article from the announcement, which you can find here, but in case you missed all that, here’s a recap:

2014 spending in the pet industry exceeded $58 billion!!

In 2015 we are projecting to surpass the $60 billion mark: highest spending in history. Together, we can do it!


Pet Industry Spending Breakdown:

Category 2013 Actual 2014 Actual % Growth 2015 Estimate % Growth
($Billion) ($Billion) 2014 vs. 2013 ($Billion) 2015 vs. 2014
Food 21.57 22.26 3.2 23.04 3.5
Supplies/ OTC Med 13.14 13.75 4.6 14.39 4.7
Veterinary Care 14.37 15.04 4.7 15.73 4.6
Live Animal Purchases 2.23 2.15 -3.6 2.19 1.9
Other Services 4.41 4.84 9.8 5.24 8.3
Total 55.72 58.04 4.2 60.59 4.4

Newest Talking Animal Video!

Pets Add Life (PAL) has done it again! Check out the latest in their popular Talking Animals series, featuring a philosophical guinea pig with big questions for his buddy. Feel free to share the laugh on your social channels!

In case you don’t know, Pets Add Life is the Association’s non-profit organization dedicated to voicing the joys and benefits of pet ownership and prompt adoptions. Check out this amazing community of pet fans on Facebook at Facebook.com/petsaddlife.


Survey Says! New Study Reveals 97% of Doctors Believe There Are Health Benefits to Owning a Pet

A pet might be just what the doctor ordered! In a new, first-of-its-kind study conducted by the Human Animal Bond Research Initiative (HABRI) this past August, it was concluded that doctors are increasingly recognizing the benefits of pets to human health and a large percentage of doctors are even willing to prescribe pets to patients.

HABRI partnered with Cohen Research Group to conduct an online panel survey of 1,000 family doctors and general practitioners to explore their knowledge, attitudes and behavior regarding the human health benefits of pets.

Key findings include:

  • Most doctors have successfully worked with animals in medicine.

69% have worked with them in a hospital, medical center, or medical practice to assist patient therapy or treatment. They report interactions with animals improve patients’ physical condition (88%), mental health condition (97%), mood or outlook (98%), and relationships with staff (76%).

  • Doctors overwhelmingly believe there are health benefits to owning pets.

97% reported that they believe there were health benefits that resulted from owning a pet.

  • The majority of doctors have recommended a pet to a patient.

60% of doctors interviewed have recommended getting a pet to a patient. 43% recommended the pet to improve overall health and 17% made the recommendation for a specific condition.

  • Most doctors have seen their patients’ health improve as a result of pet ownership.

75% of physicians said they saw one or more of their patients’ overall health improve, and 87% said their patients’ mood or outlook improved.

  • Doctors are willing to prescribe pets.

74% of doctors said they would prescribe a pet to improve overall health if the medical evidence supported it; 8% said they would prescribe a pet for a specific condition.

The survey also revealed that while 69% of doctors at least occasionally discussed the health benefits of pets with patients, 56% identified “time constraints” as the biggest barrier to having these discussions.

For more information, visit here.



Pet Business Announces 2014 Industry Recognition Award Winners

appaWith pet spending higher than ever at an estimated $58.5 billion and continued growth expected with each passing year, much of this can be attributed to product manufacturers who provide owners with new and innovative products. Each year, Pet Business magazine honors the industry’s biggest standout products with their Pet Business Industry Recognition Awards, and the winners are in! Now in their 12th year, Pet Business editors select the winners after scouring the industry for the best and brightest products on the market in several categories for pets of all types.


We congratulate all of our award-winning members! To view all of the 2014 winners, visit here.