Summer Safety Tips for Pet Owners

Summer is here and that means more activities are happening outdoors – picnics, backyard barbeques, hikes, pool and beach days, cool evening strolls…. endless opportunities to spend quality time with your eager furry companion.   We love when you bring pets along for the fun, but some important safety measures should be taken to keep them safe and cool while the weather heats up. Below are five tips to remember this summer:

  1. Avoid Hot Ground

Dark asphalt traps the sun’s heat and can easily burn your pets’ paws. Avoid the pain by keeping your pets on lighter pavement or grass.

  1. Stay Hydrated

If you bring your pet along for the fun, make sure you have water on hand to avoid dehydration if you cannot be sure it will be available. If they stay home while you are out, plan ahead to ensure they have as much water as they will need while you’re gone.

  1. Watch Out for Poisonous Plants

Being outdoors more often provides more opportunity to come in contact with many of the common plants that are poisonous to cats and dogs. Look over the list of toxic plants and keep the animal poison control phone number handy just in case.

  1. No Hot Cars

You wouldn’t sit in a hot car on a hot day so your pet shouldn’t either. If you can’t take them inside with you, don’t bring them at all. Leaving them in a hot car can be dangerous and even deadly.

  1. Time Your Walks

Daily walks are great for exercise. Time your walks around the sun to avoid overheating by going in the morning or the evening.

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