Pet Industry Spending is at an All-Time High

At the Global Pet Expo 2015 tradeshow in Orlando in March, we announced our 2015 industry spending figures. The Associated Press put out a great article from the announcement, which you can find here, but in case you missed all that, here’s a recap:

2014 spending in the pet industry exceeded $58 billion!!

In 2015 we are projecting to surpass the $60 billion mark: highest spending in history. Together, we can do it!


Pet Industry Spending Breakdown:

Category 2013 Actual 2014 Actual % Growth 2015 Estimate % Growth
($Billion) ($Billion) 2014 vs. 2013 ($Billion) 2015 vs. 2014
Food 21.57 22.26 3.2 23.04 3.5
Supplies/ OTC Med 13.14 13.75 4.6 14.39 4.7
Veterinary Care 14.37 15.04 4.7 15.73 4.6
Live Animal Purchases 2.23 2.15 -3.6 2.19 1.9
Other Services 4.41 4.84 9.8 5.24 8.3
Total 55.72 58.04 4.2 60.59 4.4

Newest Talking Animal Video!

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